We offer comprehensive

logistic and freight forwarding services

tailor-made for all our clients.

We operate

"door to door"


by sea, air

and road transport

or using intermodal solutions.

The limits of our capabilities are determined by the needs of our customers.

This short motto fully characterized our efforts that we realize as a logistic operator and professional forwarding company.

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Logistic operator Doris Trans Ltd

We operate "door to door" loads by sea, air and road transport or using intermodal solutions. We also offer customs services, performing of the required tests, obtaining relevant certificates, storage services, port services, etc. We offer our customers complete solutions tailored to their needs.

We offer solutions strictly tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Guided by concern of our client’s welfare, we are constantly looking for new solutions which are the result of the highest level of quality and the most favorable financial conditions. Thanks to that our national and international forwarding services fulfills expectations of even the most demanding customers.

We are close to our clients

Proposing specific solutions, we guide by the most important criterion – customer’s welfare. We are sure that our development is closely linked to our clients’ development. Therefore, our goal is to form pricing policies and offering such services, that our customers would work with us today, in a month, in a year, and much more.

We are precursors

We are never satisfied enough with current state of our achievements. We are constantly looking for new solutions. Our work is based on modern technologies – that’s why we shape and implement new ideas. We don’t stop on the way to self-improvement.

Tank transport

  • Liquid fuels (Pb, ON, biodiesel, esters)
  • AdBlue, mixtures of urea and ammonium nitrate in aqueous or ammoniacal solution
  • Chemical and petrochemical products

The main activity of the company is the transport of tilts and trailers for domestic and foreign transport (tarpaulins, tanks).


DORIS TRANS Ltd Standards

Standards are conduct rules associated with organizing the forwarding process. Maintaining provided services at a high level. Focus on the customer and his needs. Flexible matching up to the partners’ expectations.


Road transport

Offering domestic and international road transport of shipments, we provide a comprehensive service throughout the country and in relation import / export in Europe.

Ocean Freight

Comprehensive service in import, export and transit.

Air Freight

Fast and short transit time over long distances

Transport intermodalny

Intermodal transport, otherwise known as combined, are now the most dynamically growing transport sector.